100 MVP Managers

Global management guru Peter Drucker once lauded professional managers as the group “most empowered to transform the world.” Leveraging their positions, knowledge and talents, managers make decisions in the course of their work that have the potential to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and practical outcomes of their organizations.

Manager Today magazine held the first “100 MVP Managers” in 2008 to spotlight the value and contributions of Taiwan’s top-flight management talent. Now in its eighth consecutive year, 100 MVP Managers seeks out and celebrates the hardworking and, frequently, unknown managers of industry, government, and academia.

The solid upswing in most economic indicators this year has yet to impact a public that is jaded by inflated promises and anxious about prospects for the future. This is a situation that is ripe for managers to effect fundamental change. Thus, Manager Today is raising the banner of “Deep Restructuring” and calling on managers everywhere to leverage the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurialism to expand competitive strengths and create new and positive value.