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New Generation, New Hope of Winners.
Opportunities out there, Management Right Here.


Manager Today magazine was one of a small handful of management-themed magazines when its first issue was released on December 1st, 2004. Today, Manager Today enjoys the widest circulation of all periodicals in its category.


Published on the 1st of each month, Manager Today has a monthly circulation of about 85,000, including subscription and newsstand sales. Our readership is equitably split between the genders and embraces a wide swathe of ages -- from students to senior corporate executives and business owners. In terms of percentage, 25 ~ 45 year olds are our largest reader group.


Manager Today magazine was envisioned as a toolbox of knowledge, methodologies, and skills that ambitious young professionals and experienced managers alike might use to overcome current challenges and improve their overall effectiveness in the workplace.


Many start learning practical, professional skills only after commencing their career. Most also begin acquiring leadership skills only after becoming managers. Thus, the team behind Manager Today designed their magazine as a convenient and practical source of management-related knowledge and skills, with information engagingly presented in text and images and interwoven with in-depth interviews and case studies that tangibly link theory to practice. Manager Today gives readers ready access to the latest business and commercial knowledge -- anytime, anywhere.


Manager Today is as an educational periodical, with each issue’s covers story setting the educational theme for that month. Each theme takes up a generous 40-or-so pages of text, graphs, pictures and other images, with relevant case studies and theories carefully scrutinized to introduce leadership, communications, sales, marketing, creativity, human resources, and other pertinent areas of study. Furthermore, every issue of Manager Today features articles that introduce the latest trends and happenings in the world of management and review newly published books on business and management, refreshing readers’ memories about cornerstone management principles and knowledge while adding important new facts and ideas along the way.  


In addition to regular monthly issues and special bimonthly editions highlighting different skills within the professional management “toolbox”, Manager Today hosts a well-regarded online community for management professionals. Our website, updated daily with the latest news from the world of management, receives over a million hits monthly. Moreover, the Manager Today Facebook page’s over half-million followers make us the largest and most prominent of Taiwan’s social networks for management professionals.


Global management guru Peter Drucker holds that managers are the most empowered to change our world. We at Manager Today will continue providing the most up-to-date and practical management knowhow to influential managers and other professionals in Taiwan and across the Chinese-speaking world. Learning together, we will effect fundamental change to ourselves, our businesses, and our society.

"Integrity、Profession、Innovation、Accountability ;

The (ultimate) characteristics for a profession manager"    by Fei-Peng Ho

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