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The Most Influential Technology Trends Media in Taiwan.

Founded in 1999, Business Next is the longest-running media organization in Greater China with a dedicated focus on the worlds of tech and finance. The company is ably managed by some of Greater China’s finest contemporary writers, editors, creative marketing professionals, and media producers under the overall leadership of Hung-Zhe Jan, the man who created and led Taiwan’s first Internet IPO -- PChome Online. Business Next is a natural magnet for media professionals with a shared passion for innovation and technology. Based in Taiwan, our “beat” is creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurialism wherever it happens in our world. Business Next educes tomorrow’s wisdom today to achieve a decisive competitive edge.


Business Next magazine specializes in identifying the key factors that are shaping tomorrow’s mainstream concepts and describing the landscape as it unfolds and evolves. Of course, issues are also peppered with exclusive interviews with people and corporations that have changed our world. In 1999, before China’s Internet sector was registering even a blip on most business radars, we interviewed Jack Ma next to West Lake in Hangzhou, China and published a revealing and prescient article about his ambitious ideas for the future. In 2007, while many were still passing Mark Zuckerberg off as a pretentious upstart, Business Next was the first Chinese-language media outlet to make Facebook a front-cover story. Today, both individuals are highly successful business leaders with global impact and influence.


Business Next sheds insightful light on economic, technological, and cultural trends through its monthly print magazine, e-zine, and various related forums and activities. We create the ideal platform for those who are eager to acquire the knowledge, methodologies, and techniques that are critical to making the most of our changing times. Looking to leverage the power of social networking, Business Next magazine has since 2011 been actively building a highly supportive networking platform for entrepreneurs under the brand name “Meet”. Currently, the Meet social networking platform has over 600 vetted startup members and holds two major annual events that regularly attract over 1,000 participants each. Business Next engages eagerly in an increasingly close partnership with its readers -- learning, discovering, investigating, and finding strength together.


The impact of digital technology ranges far beyond the scope of business and commerce to fundamentally change the way we all live, work, and play. Business Next magazine is a key witness to our turbulently exciting technological age, keeping a keen watch on every promising new emergent business model and every upstart challenge to the competitive landscape.

Explore the latest development in Present. Prepare the competition and opportunity in the Future.That’s Business Next !    by. Hung-Tze Jan


We Make Precision Audience Targeting Through online to offline platform

Business Next has grown from one single paper magazine to multiple publisher and now an event holder that brings together online and offline tech, managerial, design  communities. It continuously ventures into the unknown new media reign.

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