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巨思文化|Media Brand

Business Next
Technology & Trends

Established in 1999

Founded in July 1999, Business Next is Taiwan’s first media organization to cover developments in the Internet and advanced technology sectors exclusively. Today, the group focuses on emerging trends in Taiwan, Greater China, and worldwide in the arenas of technology, the Internet, green energy, electronic marketing, and branding. Today, Business Next magazine is not only the monthly standard of business leaders and ambitious entrepreneurs but also Taiwan’s most referenced source of information on Internet-related issues.

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Business & Management

Established in 2004

Launched in January 2004 during troubled economic times, Manager Today magazine’s mission became helping to restore the competitiveness of Taiwanese industry by enhancing the overall professionalism of its executives and senior managers. The magazine sought to foster a highly professional ethos among domestic management professionals -- promoting “honesty, professionalism, creativity, and accountability” through articles with interesting, insightful lessons and narratives on business management that were designed to dispel anxiety and stimulate productive, strategic thinking.

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Shopping Design
Design & Lifestyle

Established in 2006

Shopping Design magazine, the progenitor of today’s national creative life aesthetics movement, was founded in December 2006. We share the “best” of life in the six areas of modern lifestyle, popular culture, automobiles, consumer electronics, travel, and cuisine, helping our readers discover and experience “good design”, “new attitudes”, and “wonderful life.”




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