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neoMarketing School

Developed and managed by Business Next magazine, neoMarketing Workshop is an innovative learning platform that fosters community interaction, sharing, and learning via a regular series of classroom courses and an online social media presence, with a focus on social media marketing (SMM), mobile marketing (M-marketing), and e-commerce. The aim of this program is to explore the vast potential still ahead for innovation in the digital realm.

  • Most students currently work for big-name corporations (60% from large corporations; 40% from SMEs).

  • The students from SMEs often hold senior executive positions in their respective companies.

  • The background / professional profile of students differ by course. Students that enroll in marketing-related courses are typically involved in product / marketing / online planning or product management, while students that enroll in technical courses are largely data analysts, UX/UI design engineers, and software / hardware developers.


Business School

Manager Today’s readership is a highly motivated community of individuals who are committed to further refining their personal and professional performance. To meet the diverse interests and needs of our readers, the Manager Today Business School has since 2013 provided an exceptional platform for participants to learn, hone, and extend their managerial competencies. Business negotiations, internal briefings, project management, financial reporting, and leadership are just some of the topics that have been addressed in the several dozen different courses held at the Manager Today Business School so far. Courses are designed to comprehensively enhance the managerial skills of our students, who work in a wide range of industries and positions.