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Meet Startup is a social platform which discover and report entreprenuerial teams and innovation application from magazine and website. We interact with communities and share information to link more entrepreneurial relative resouces. Meet Startup dedicates itself to become a solid "opportunity platform"

AAMA  Taipei Cradle Plan

In 2012, with the support of Business Next Corporation and Vincera Capital, AAMA Taipei was established, with the main mission to carry the Cradle Plan, boosting the business environment and ecouraging more growing stage corporations in Taiwan. Since then, many entrepreneurs from different fields have come to participate.

Design +

A monthly meetup, started from 2013. Aiming at creating a platform for designers in Taiwan and people who interest in the development of design field, Design + define itself a new-form community which can provide more interaction and insights from all of the participants. We trust that the more interdisciplinary conversions we have, the more unexpecting findings we will get.


Future Commerce Expo

Due to the impact and change made by technology innovation in everyday life, Business Next has started the annual curation of “Future Commerce Expo” since 2015, aiming to let people experience the latest technology, discover new business models and create unlimited connections.






100 MVP Managers

To highlight managers’ value and contribution, ManagerToday first held the activity of “100 MVP Managers” in 2008. Instead of finding the superstar from all walks of life, the original intention of choosing MVP managers is to find out the hard-working face and figure in industry, government, and academia.