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The Most Engaging Network for Startups

Meet Startup is a social platform discovering and reporting entreprenuerial teams and innovation application from magazine and website. We interact with communities and share information to integrate more entrepreneurial relative resouces. Meet Startup dedicates itself to become a solid "opportunity platform"

Why we care about startups?

It has to trace back to the our first media, Business Next. The founder of Business Next is H.T Jan, who is the chairman of PChome Group. Business Next Magazine Founded in 1999, focused on the latest trend, thinking, ideas, and role models in business, especially in technology industry, covering entrepreneurship topic and opportunities worldwide. Over the past decade, Business Next have expanded its service to social media either online or offline for its readers or the relative communities. We hold different classes and events suitable for each group of them. And one of them are startups, early entrepreneurs. In the beginning of 2011, Business Next launched Meet Startup as the communication platform for digital innovation and entrepreneurship. The platform combine both online media and offline events, to make opportunities for startups to meet with Potential Talents, Clients, Investors, Strategic partners, and get Media exposure.

What Meet Startup has done?

Meet Startup is a platform especially for early stage start-ups, connecting opportunities and meet start-ups. We has hold regular events for start ups, potential talents, clients, investors, strategic partners.

Weekday Luncheon  (3-4 times/week, private)

Getting to know every innovative applications and team members

We publicize our call for start-up teams openly to meet us. We meet one team for lunch (a close one) During 1.5 to 2 hours of time, we get to know more about how the startup makes their idea happen, and explore the potentials in the teams We have met nearly 650 start-up teams during the luncheon.

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Monthly Gathering  (Every 3rd Wednesday night)

Meet up and sharing
Innovative applications and start-up experience

5 -6 start-up teams, mentors and VCs, 120 participants meet up monthly. In sharing, people find partners with similar or different interests, expand the possibility of further cooperation and learn from other startups’ experience. We have held 58 monthly events, over 8,000 people participated.

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Quarterly IoT Salon

Vertical Integration

Invite 10-12 players, big and small, in the same industry to join panel discussion.
To connect strarups with industry key players.

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Annual Meetup (Every June or July)

Exposure and Opportunity
Experience and viewpoint sharing from successful ones

Since the year of 2011, Business Next Meetup have hosted its annual conference in every June or July. We have invited successful startup teams from worldwide, Chinese-based market in particular to share startup stories and pivotal changes. VCs have come to share their investment views. Teams could use the booths to demonstrate their new services on-site. 500 entrepreneurship enthusiasts could accumulate more resources, networking opportunities, and international exposure.

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Neo Star Demo Show and Meet Taipei (Every December)

The Biggest Connecting Event Chance to be seen Connecting the dots Make yourself seen !

Out of the interviewed and Meet Startup teams, Business Next select 30 teams to pitch at NEO STAR Demo Show. 6- minute demonstration of their business plans, real-time online streaming, VC judges, votes from web community that could help the startups engaging potential opportunities. Demo Show has been held every December since 2011. More than 1500 people participated throughout events Last year in 2014, combined Meet Taipei, with 108 startup booths, i-space interactive space, Startup Hub, Startup Film Festival and Startup café, this event have 5000 people attended in two days.

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