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巨思文化|Future Commerce Expo


Future Commerce Expo

"Shaping the future of commerce."

Future Commerce Expo is the only commercial exposition for experiencing new technology, driving new business and find new connection in Taiwan. We do believe that new business will be paving the new way based on new technology to provide the better method of doing business, which could lead to the better lifestyle environment.



Three Major Areas

Furure Commerce Expo shows solutions in three key areas, Future Business, Future Future Technology and Future Connection, to present their solutions for future partnership.


Future Business

Customer needs are getting more and more diversified, customized and experience-oriendted. Companies are continuously for the possibilities of various scenarios to manifest the convenience and value of future businesses from the perspectives of manufacture, consumption, technology and application.

Future Technology

How do companies adapt the continuous innovative technologies to develop new products and services? As new technology evolves, transformation and cross-field applications have linked retail, manufacture, finance, and internet industry together, revealing the most trendy business opportunities.

Future Connection

This is the era of data fragmentation while the channels connecting customers evolver over time. Marketing strategy ought to react fast and precise via scientific approach that is able to extract the essence of data. The merge of creative content is meant to please the various needs of customers.



Future Commerce Forum

By decoding the critical elements of future commerce, pairing with comprehensive scenario demonstration, Future Commerce Forum illustrates an innovative future of various future trends and technical features. As virtual integaration between online and offline is an inevitable trend, debordering development will be the mainstream. We believe that no matter how technology evolves, the commercial world is still built by human, and its value can only be shown ultimately from customer experience. The key factors of running a successful future commerce is the realization of new businesses, the attitude of entrepreneurs, and strategic thinking.




Official Website: www.futurecommerce.tw

Contact us: fc@bnext.com.tw / 886-2-87739808 Ext.150