Business Next Media Group

"  Next Business Explorer and Enabler "

Business Next Publishing Corporation was founded in 1999 by Hung-Tze Jan, Fei-peng Ho, and Katie Chen, three senior media professionals with a shared interest in the future of Taiwan’s technology and Internet sectors. The company was a key witness to the dynamic changes in these sectors that have changed forever the way businesses organize and function and how we perceive and live our lives in today’s increasingly integrated world. Business Next remains at the forefront of the key developments that are shaping our future, leveraging both experience and knowledge to light the way forward into the unknown.

  • 1999     Taiwan emerges into the “Internet Age”
  • Business Next Publishing Corp. opens as the first media outlet to focus exclusively on issues related to the digital economy.
  • 2004      Business Next launches Manager Today, the first monthly periodical for management professionals
  • 2006      Business Next launches Shopping Design, a monthly periodical that focuses on lifestyle aesthetics
  • Business Next leads market trends with a strong track record of astute insights delivered across three distinct social-media platforms. We are always testing new and innovative business models in a continuous quest to redefine and maximize our potential.

Since its launch in 2011, Business Next magazine has managed “Meet Startup”. This dynamic, multidisciplinary hub of digital innovation and entrepreneurialism exists to help domestic startups tap into the ideas and resources that are necessary to stand on their own and to grow as successful businesses. Business Next joined AAMA founder Charles Yen to launch the Taipei chapter of the Asia America MultiTechnology Association (AAMA) in 2012. Founded in Silicon Valley in 1979, AAMA now has chapters across Greater China and the Asia Pacific Region, providing a strong, established network that is ready-made to help Taiwan-based entrepreneurs explore and achieve their potential.